Time is of the Essence–Joanna Macy and The Great Turning

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NalandaWest is pleased to announce that Joanna Macy is returning to Seattle May 6th, 2013 to explore with us the “amazing adventure” of our time. Acknowledging the enormous challenge of living in the modern world,  Joanna will use stories and a variety of practices to guide us through our histories while linking them to our own and our children’s future.

Recognizing the pain and complexity of the human experience, Joanna calls upon the depths of our ancestral past and invokes our inherent creativity to move us beyond fear so that we find the courage we need to make the world a better place for our descendants. This is what Joanna refers to as “The Great Turning.”

A centerpiece of the Great Turning is understanding that the stories of the past, the stories we tell ourselves now, and the stories we want to create are part of a larger evolutionary force moving through each of us. She encourages us to come together in groups and learn from each other to prepare for larger global changes that will require our collaboration and the integration of the wisdom of interdependence on the deepest levels.

In this video interview, listen as Joanna talks about the specialness of the time we find ourselves in and the three dimensions of the Great Turning. She challenges each of us to not only engage in actions that oppose greater destruction of the earth, but to root our consciousness in the rich soil of our deepest values so that our effort to embrace new ways of living will endure.

We hope you’ll join us for this evening of co-creative, imaginative dialogue. If you can’t attend in person, we welcome you to participate via the live webcast.

Sponsors of this event include: Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Compassionate Seattle, Contemplative Professionals, NalandaWest, People of Color and Allies Sanhga, Tools for Change.