The Role of Thangka Paintings & Their Symbolism: Master Painter R.D. Salga

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Join us November 7 & 8, 2014  for a rare opportunity to learn about thangka painting with master painter R.D. Salga.

Vajradhara thangka Karma Gardri style, Ca. Late 17th to 18th century

Vajradhara Thangka
Karma Gadri style, Ca. Late 17th to 18th century

Have you ever wondered about thangkas (Buddhist scroll paintings) and their symbolism? How are these incredibly colorful and intricate paintings made and for what reason? Find out from master thangka painter R.D. Salga.


On Friday evening, November 7 at 7pm, join Salga as he explains the role of thangka paintings in Tibetan Buddhism, their history, role and symbolism. On Saturday morning November 8, beginning at 10am, watch as he demonstrates each step that goes into making a thangka from start to finish. In the afternoon, participant can join him for open discussion and Q&A, followed by a reception and an exhibit of his works.

About R.D. Salga 

A wealth of knowledge and one of the few remaining keepers of the ancient Karma Gardri style of thangka painting, R.D. Salga continues to create iconographically correct paintings for use by Tibetan Buddhists and collectors throughout the world. Apprenticed and trained rigorously from a young age, he now trains a handful of students in this form of ritual art. His works hang in a number of monasteries and private homes throughout the world, and he has exhibited several times in Europe. 

Suggested donation for each event is $10-$20 per person.
All proceeds go to conserving and exhibiting thangkas in NalandaWest’s collection.
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This program is an expressions of the Fields of Knowledge including “Creativity + the Arts,” and “Direct Insight.

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