Remembering the Call to Compassion: HH 17th Karmapa in Seattle

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HHK-Karmapa-in-Seattle-Nalandabodhi-Screen Shot

In May of this year, Nalanda West had the good fortune to host a visit to Seattle, Washington, by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

Our friends at Northwest Dharma News recently published a beautiful article, with great photos, about HH Karmapa’s second visit to Seattle, dubbed “Karmapa in Seattle 2015.” The article looks at the ways that Karmapa reached out to youth in our community, encouraging young people to actively engage in compassionate action wherever they are, in whatever ways they are able, while remembering to be compassionate to themselves as well.

In a large public program entitled “A Call to Compassionate Action” the Karmapa taught with love and humor on the natural wisdom of compassion, and engaged in dialogue with some of Seattle’s leading social activists about the challenges and rewards of their work.

Pre-Program Video: The Karmapa and Seattle Compassionate Action Organizations

As a prelude to the Karmapa in Seattle 2015 program, we showed this video representing both His Holiness’ teachings on compassion, and the many local organizations that came together to offer program participants a wide variety of opportunities to engage in compassionate action in our Seattle community and around the world. We love remembering this special day, and are happy to share the pre-program video here on the blog.

You can see more videos on the “Karmapa in Seattle 2015” playlist in our Nalanda West video channel.

At Nalanda West we continue to host events with world renowned teachers who share their valuable guidance on compassionate action and their wisdom in navigating the challenges of a contemplative life in these busy, often crazy times. We hope to see you very soon!