Raise the Roof 2020

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Nalanda West turns 102 this year!

Nalanda West has been host to numerous teachings and programs. It is headquarters of the Nalandabodhi international sangha and a fixture in the Fremont neighborhood landscape.

A lot of Seattle history occurred within the halls of Nalanda West! Beginning as a church that hosted revival meetings, even housing small businesses for some time, the building was a Korean church when Nalandabodhi purchased it in 2004. Nalanda West since has been a haven for contemplative study and practice for those near and far.

In recent history, it is apparent that the roof is decaying; a true teaching in impermanence. Therefore, this year’s fundraising efforts for Nalanda West have been geared towards replacing the roof.
We are so happy to report that Sound Roofing Systems has completed the roof replacement and now we are a planning to complete additional repair work.

We are still raising money to finish the repairs. Please consider contributing to the support of Nalanda West so we might continue to serve our local community.