Inner Science of Mind

Inner Science of Mind

Meditation. Even if you haven’t tried it, these days, chances are you have an idea of what it is. If you have begun your own practice, you’ve directly experienced the benefits. Whether you’re beginning your exploration or deepening it, Nalanda West offers a diverse array of programs in this field.

Discover different forms of mind training, meditation, contemplation, and other practices that evoke direct insight, or experiences that lead to awakening. This field of knowledge focuses on the view and practices taught by Buddha Shakyamuni. The Buddhist approach begins with questions, not answers.

Programs at Nalanda West offer many opportunities to learn from teachers of diverse Buddhist traditions about the nature of your mind and experience. Regular open house programs hosted by Nalandabodhi at Nalanda West, offer meditation and opportunities for discussion with the Nalandabodhi Mitras.

Nalandabodhi also hosts popular courses in the Three Paths of Study, Meditation, and Activity at Nalanda West, as well as weekly meditation programs. In-depth courses in this Field of Knowledge are taught at Nitartha Institute, founded by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.