Julie Jacobs, RPT, Bio

Julie Jacobs
listens to the health of the body to discover the healing potential that is alive in all of us. Pain draws our attention to a lack of flow. Allowing the fluid intelligence of our organism to flourish promotes the healing by reducing restrictive patterns that limit our breath, movement, sensation and perception.

Julie graduated as a Physical Therapist in 1977 from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She soon began expanding her knowledge with more alternative methods of treatment.

In 1996 she discovered Continuum – a movement, breath and sound-based inquiry into the fluid presence in our bodies. Fluid Intelligence – the informing of our organism by the adaptable movement of water – rearranged her approach to healing. She was Authorized as a Continuum Movement Teacher in 2000 by Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum.

In her Physical Therapy practice of 40 years, Julie weaves the skills of various hands-on therapies along with her knowledge of the fluid system, movement, music, perception, and patterns. She believes that increasing our adaptability creates elegant changes in the way we inhabit our bodies and move in the world.

Hands-on therapies include:

  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Zero Balancing
  • Somato-Emotional Release
  • Lymphatic Drainage

In addition to her practice Julie also teaches somatic and perception classes. She is a regular guest lecturer for Dr. David Levy’s “Information and Contemplation” course at the University of Washington. Her experiential presentation demonstrates the effect of digital technology on the structure and function of our anatomy, and offers ways to re-inhabit our bodies through movement, breath and perception activities.

Coming soon: www.fluidintelligencemovementsystems.com.