Tara Drupchen

 Tara Drupchen

Tara Drupchen

Oct 19, 2018 - Oct 21, 2018, All Day

In all wisdom traditions, including Buddhism, it is said that the antidote to fear is loving-kindness. In Vajrayana Buddhism, the figure of Tara symbolizes loving-kindness and compassion — and a strong resolve to dispel the fears of all beings.

We joyfully announce the third annual Tara Drupchen to be held by the Nalandabodhi International sangha: October 19-21, 2018.

The Nalandabodhi sangha, founded and guided by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, will be engaged in a practice intensive focused on awakening the fearless and compassionate energy that is our mind’s true nature, as symbolized by Tara. This practice intensive will be led by our senior Nalandabodhi acharyas and lamas, and will be joined by participants from around the world.

What is a “drupchen”?

Drupchen (Tibetan: སྒྲུབ་ཆེན་ ; literally, “great practice [gathering]” or “great accomplishment [gathering]”) is a traditional format for a practice-intensive retreat in the Vajrayana tradition. The practice of Drupchen is said to bring great benefit to its participants and the communities around them. In this way it is a strong generator of merit, purification, and blessings. It is a powerful method for dispelling obstacles and hindrances for ourselves and our sangha’s dharma activities.

How can I attend?

To register to attend the Tara Drupchen in person at Nalanda West please fill out the form below. Attendance is free, but we ask that you please register as a kindness to the organizers.

Each of the three days will be a day-long session, but people may also join on a drop-in basis. The tentative daily schedule from October 19 – 21 is:

6:00–7:30am Tara Practice (Tibetan)
7:30–8:30am Breakfast break
8:30–10:30am Tara Practice (English)
10:30–11:00am Tea Break
11:00–12:30pm Acharyas and Lamas Teaching Session
12:30–2:00pm Lunch for Participants
2:00–3:30pm Rinpoche Teaching Session
3:30–4:00pm Tea Break
4:00–6:00pm Tara Practice (English)
6:00–7:30pm Dinner Break
7:30–9:30pm Optional Tara Practice (English)

How can I make prayer requests and offerings?

You can make an offering in honor of those who are ill, recently passed away, or for any challenge you or others face, or aspiration you have for the world. These prayer requests and aspirations will be shared with our Nalandabodhi teachers and sangha participating in the Drupchen, as well as those participating in related Tara Practice at our centers and study groups around the world. As an act of generosity and auspicious connection, it is a time-honored practice to make a monetary offering to accompany a prayer request. A suggested minimum donation is $10.

To make prayer requests and offerings go to: bit.ly/Tara2018

Making offerings to sponsor a Drupchen creates a connection to the practice that enables us to accumulate merit and dispel obstacles, even if we are not able to personally attend. Your donation will provide the offerings of candles, flowers, and food; make the necessary preparations for the ritual ceremonies; provide offerings to our teachers in gratitude for sharing this practice with all of us; and support the ongoing dharma activities of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and our Nalandabodhi sangha.

Presented by Nalandabodhi Seattle


Bookings are closed for this event.