Symbolizing the Awakened Heart: Buddhist Visual Literacy

 Symbolizing the Awakened Heart: Buddhist Visual Literacy

Symbolizing the Awakened Heart: Buddhist Visual Literacy

Aug 06, 2020, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

“Art enters the realm of the sacred when it transcends personal and cultural expressions and mirrors the deeper levels of our mind. Art has the power to illuminate dimensions of consciousness inaccessible to our physical senses; it can awaken our most subtle perceptions and show us the true nature of our being.”
A Perspective on the Sacred Art of Tibet – Yeshe De Project

We are offering a four-lecture series that will explore the imagery of Buddhism and extend your understanding beyond the limits of culture and history. How do the forms we create reflect the structure of our mind? What can we learn from this? How can an image communicate complex meaning inexpressible through words? How do visualizations transmit meaning? How are various images interrelated?

These questions and many others will be explored in a series of interactive lectures taught by Stephanie Johnston, who lectures on a variety of Buddhist topics with an emphasis on the experiential foundations of Buddhist study and practice.

The series will include four 1 and a half hour teachings with practices suggested during the two-week interval between lectures.  The subject for each lecture and dates are shown below.

Please register in advance by midnight the Wednesday before to receive the Zoom link and password as well as access to recorded videos of the sessions.

The Basics of Buddhist Visual Literacy                                            June 18

Representing Buddha: What Does Awake Look Like?                  July 2

Exploring the Imagery of Arya Tara                                               August 6

Using Imagery and Visualization as a Support                               August 20


You are welcome to register for individual classes or in the series.

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Stephanie Johnston

Stephanie Johnston, a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner since 1985 and student of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s since 1996, is Nitartha Institute faculty and developed its Science of Creativity and the Arts courses. As a graphic designer and avid practitioner, she trains and supports practice instructors for Nalandabodhi. An alumni of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and certified in Museum studies, Renaissance Art Techniques, and Graphic Design, she loves digging into the symbolic and its applied meaning in art and everyday life.

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