Seizing the Opportunity

 Seizing the Opportunity

Seizing the Opportunity

Nov 19, 2018, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Tools for Living with Purpose and Positivity

In this workshop series we will explore what opportunity is, how to recognize it in your daily life, discover tools to grow beyond barriers and limitations, and examine methods for connecting with your individual sense of purpose and direction. The emphasis will be on facilitating direct experience through individual and group activities, discussion, and other community-building exercises. This isn’t about providing answers, but offering tools and supporting your path of discovery. Join for the whole series or drop in for a single class.

Monday, November 19th 7:00-830 pm – What is opportunity?

Monday, November 26th 7:00-8:30 pm – What is most important?

Monday, December 3rd 7:00-830pm – How can I connect my choices with my vision?

Seizing the Opportunity Series will:

  • Deepen my understanding of opportunity in general and the unique opportunity I want to seize.
  • Explore how to sense and seize the present opportunity.
  • Facilitate how to sharpen my awareness of opportunity in my everyday life.
  • Investigate the role my mind and emotions play in seizing (or missing) opportunity.
  • Explore what prevents me from seizing the opportunity and learn how to grow beyond limitations and barriers.
  • Experience how to work with, enrich, train and care for my mind and emotions.
  • Clarify my vision for a meaningful life and how to achieve (or live) it.

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