Compassion For Your Body with David Melman, LMP, BSCI


Program Description

Many of us feel called to work towards the healing and regeneration of our Earth in these challenging times, and it is equally essential to embrace our own bodies with that same care and call to compassionate action. We must begin with the miracle of human birth and go from there, acknowledging that with the gift of life come challenges we all must face in our human form. Central to the challenges is disconnection; disconnection from our true selves and from the physical vessel that carries us through our precious human life. All of us on this path of deep truth are working to embrace and heal the strands of disconnection in our lives, and diving into authentic compassion for our bodies is foundational in this healing process.

We will engage in a series of meditations and gentle somatic/movement journeys to deepen in compassionate connection with our bodies. Just as earnest listening is essential to any form of compassion, we will cultivate the capacity to listen within and hear the way our bodies speak to us–the often subtle language of our body’s natural intelligence–and allow the message we hear to guide us into more harmony with ourselves. Whether you’re on a healing journey or simply seeking to enrich your human experience, this special event will provide vital information and practices in a safe, supportive environment.

Compassion For Your Body will take place on Sunday, November 13th from 2:00-4:00pm following the regular monthly morning meditation and Nalandabodhi Sangha Day lunch that Nalanda West offers. Tea, snacks, and good conversation are available after the event. Please scroll down to register.

Volunteers are always appreciated. If you would like to assist in the preparation before, during or after the program, please email info@nalandawest.org.

About David Melman, LMP, BSCI


David is the founder of Meditative Body, a transformative bodywork practice in Fremont that takes a unique and integrative approach to addressing pain, tension, and restricted mobility through cutting edge bodywork, somatic/movement therapies, and pain neuroscience/psychology–while illuminating the body-mind connection to enhance insight and help with challenges such as stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Meditation and conscious movement practices have long been central to David’s life, and he is guided by a deep connection with the Earth and indigenous spirituality. When David was rear-ended by a semi-truck, he was forced to slow down and devote more energy to his own healing process centered on compassion for his body, which has shown him a lot about how to facilitate this for others. David is honored to support people on their healing journeys, both in his private practice and through sharing with groups, and he lives with his beloved wife and sweet baby daughter in Phinney Ridge.

This video is a window into David’s bodywork practice:

Thank you to Compassionate Action Network for their partnership in co-producing this event.

Compassionate Action Network (CAN) is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world united by compassionate action. Inspired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s visit to Seattle in 2008, CAN was founded to nurture and support compassion-focused initiatives throughout the Pacific Northwest. In July of 2016 CAN served as the presenting sponsor for Malala’s visit to Seattle, and continues to invest in promising programs and initiatives that work to increase compassion in our daily lives. Learn more at www.CompassionateActionNetwork.org

This event coincides with World Kindness Day!

The date decreed for World Kindness Day is 13th November. This was the opening day of the first World Kindness Movement® conference held at Tokyo in 1998, and the 35th anniversary of the Small Kindness Movement of Japan, which brought the signatories of the ‘declaration of kindness’ of the World Kindness Movement together in 1997.


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