A Theatrical Reading by Jim Fletcher and Katiana Rangel

 A Theatrical Reading by Jim Fletcher and Katiana Rangel

A Theatrical Reading by Jim Fletcher and Katiana Rangel

Jul 28, 2018, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Ama is a Noh play based loosely on numerous tales about ama (pearl divers) and the Dragon King who lives under the sea. In the play, the shite (main actor) plays a diver girl in the first act, and as the Dragon Princess in the second act, dominated by the Princess’ recitation of the Lotus Sutra, and a dance, showing her devotion for the sutra.

About Jim Fletcher

Within the field of experimental theater, some describe Jim Fletcher as a muse. Best known for his long standing collaboration with Richard Maxwell’s New York City Players, Fletcher has maintained a parallel existence within the art world, most notably as a longtime collaborator with the art collective Bernadette Corporation. Throughout all these projects, Fletcher’s consistency has been a belief in ensemble work as a source of liberation from authorship itself.

About Katiana Rangel

Katiana Rangel has a long performance history in Brazil. In NYC she created the performances Suspended and Iraci or What’s Underneath My Skin. She has an ongoing theater project with Jim Fletcher called Four Seasons derived from Sarah Kane’s play Blasted, and has also worked with Liza Birkenmeier, Tory Vazquez and the New York City Players, Anna Kohler and Caleb Hammond. She is a founding member of Les Ballets Nomades presented at the Festival Voices Transposed: The Refugee Crisis. She believes in art as a portal to realization of the indescribable, and the illusion of theater is as real as illusion of reality. Her life research has been how to create such works.

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