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Three key points of Buddhist path
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Acharya Lhakpa Tshering and several participants share a meal during a weekend teaching at Nalanda West. Acharya Lhakpa Tshering will return to Nalanda West on March 11 and 12 to discuss three key points…

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Karmapa Seattle 2015
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His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje (Filip Wolak Photography) Like so many others, we are rejoicing in the news that His Holiness Karmapa will soon be returning to…

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Awake in Seattle: A Celebration of Meditation, Joy and Laughter!
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Let’s just say we had a marvelous weekend. Awake in Seattle was Nalanda West’s thank-you to the Pacific Northwest community, and especially to Seattle, for 10 years supporting our programs…

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Open Webcast! Awake in Seattle: Teachers Panels
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Great news! You’re invited to join us for a live webcast of the two panel discussions with revered Buddhist teachers during Nalanda West’s Awake in Seattle! We’re excited about welcoming you to…

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Awake in Seattle! with Damayonti Sengupta
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Our busy staff at Nalanda West has been enthusiastically preparing for “Awake in Seattle,” a community-wide celebration of meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative arts. Damayonti Sengupta, General Manager of Nalanda West, talked with us about what visitors can…

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Awake in Seattle! Diane Gregorio describes the celebrations
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On the occasion of Nalanda West’s upcoming celebration, “Awake in Seattle,” we sat down with Diane Gregorio, Executive Director of Nalandabodhi, to find out what visitors can expect on Saturday, November 15-16 during Nalanda…

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The Role of Thangka Paintings & Their Symbolism: Master Painter R.D. Salga
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Join us November 7 & 8, 2014  for a rare opportunity to learn about thangka painting with master painter R.D. Salga. Vajradhara Thangka Karma Gadri style, Ca. Late 17th to 18th century…

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Meg Wheatley Video: On the Potential of Human Capacity in Challenging Times
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Human beings have the capacity to step forward with their generosity, compassion and creativity, especially in times of chaos. In this Video, Meg Wheatley asks, “Why do we seem to…

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Getting Beyond Hope and Fear with Meg Wheatley Sept 26-28
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Avoiding the Ambush of Hope A Weekend for Exhausted and Overworked Leaders and Activists with Meg Wheatley, September 26th–28th “I have discovered that beyond hope and fear is the place…

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Lama Tsultrim Allione teaching here Thurs, March 27 from 7-9 pm
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It’s always a beautiful treat to host Lama Tsultrim at NalandaWest! Hosted by Nalandabodhi Seattle, Lama Tsultrim Allione will give a teaching on The Bardo – Six Moments of Opportunity on Thursday, March…

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