Important Changes to Nalanda West Activities and Events

In light of current health concerns regarding COVID-19, we have decided to open Nalanda West only to Nalandabodhi practices and programs with partner organizations.  We hope to resume open meditation on Sundays in the fall.

Buddhist teachings emphasize the preciousness of our human birth and loving kindness, and in times of public health crisis it becomes increasingly important that we protect not only our own health but the health of others—those with whom we are directly connected, as well as those whom we may only encounter in passing. It is a kindness that we as a community remain calm and vigilant about COVID-19 so as not to put anyone at risk, sangha and beyond.

Our first priority is to protect the health of everyone who comes to Nalanda West, including community partners, practitioners, staff, and teachers. As we reopen to in-person programs, we will be following King County, Washington state, and Federal (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines that are in place at that time, and with additional significant safety protocols, including limited capacity in meeting and practice rooms.

In accordance with our shared wishes in the Nalanda West community to keep safe and healthy by creating conditions where the COVID-19 variants are less likely to spread, an indoor mask mandate will still be in effect in addition to distancing, and ventilation.

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December 29 – January 1
How do we first find a peaceful place inside ourselves and then extend kindness to others? How do we free our mind from its usual ego-driven patterns that create pain and anxiety for ourselves and others? How can we ensure a feeling of security, freedom, and wellbeing?
Over four days, we will take a creative, practical, and hands-on approach, exploring how to live a compassionate life, inspired by The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, a classic Mahayana Buddhist text.

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